TashiCell 5G services are now available in Thimphu, Paro and Phuntsholing Thromdes


TashiCell (officially known as Tashi InfoComm Limited) today, introduced its 5G services, the latest and the fastest generation of mobile communication technology, with the objective to improve the Internet connectivity experience of the users and ultimately support the digital transformation of Bhutan. This makes Bhutan the 75th country with live 5G services.

TashiCell, the private cellular company commercially launched its 5G services in Bhutan today, 15th December 2021 with a launch event in Hotel Druk making Bhutan the 75th country to have 5G services. The 5G services are now available in Thimphu, Paro and Phuntsholing Thromdes. 

The launch event started at 11:30AM with a welcome speech to the in-person audience comprising of representatives from media houses, well-known names in the influencer industry, the TashiCell team and those who participated online via the Facebook live stream.

Management & media partners

 It was followed by playing a 5G video with the tagline – TashiCell launches 5G, ‘Future at Full Speed’ to commemorate the official launch. To do justice to the tagline, a real-time speed test using the two most popular speed-testing platforms – Ookla and Fast were done and the speed was showcased on a screen (wirelessly mirrored from a phone).

TashiCell 5G speed on Ookla was about 1.5gbps and 2gbps on Fast. 

It was added that the 5G hardware deployed is capable of 10gbps of throughput. However, because of the device ecosystem including the handset, the current 5G theoretical throughput achieved is 2.3gbps and downlink maximum theoretical throughput is 1.8gbps

A press conference was headed by the Managing Director, TashiCell. 

“…5G technology can support higher speed (10 times higher), lower delay, and greater network capacity compared to 4G. These superior capabilities will enable TashiCell to provide high-speed 5G broadband services, which is at par with fibre-based connectivity, to the residential and enterprise customers in addition to enhancing the experience of the Mobile Broadband (eMBB) on the smartphones used by the individual customers...,” said Mr Tashi Tshering, Managing Director, TashiCell in his address

Press Conference

On being asked if the introduction of 5G would put the 4G users to a similar fate of not so good user experience as happened to 3G users when 4G was launched, the panellist said that 4G was introduced to reduce users on the 3G network so there won’t be any congestion. Unexpectedly the number of 3G users kept increasing. 5G was introduced to decrease clogging of the 4G network in core town areas and if 4G users keep increasing, they would have to cater to the need.

The company announced the introduction of three 5G services to fulfill the connectivity needs of individual users and enterprise customers - enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) 5G service, 5G Unlimited and 5G Broadband. An invitation to the onlookers for a hands-on experience of these 5G services at the 5G Experience Counter set up inside the press conference room followed suit. 

The first counter had a display screen where you could play an HD video on 4G network and 5G network to compare the resolution and in turn the end-user experience. The next counter had mobile handsets that support 5G (Samsung Galaxy A52s, GALAXY Z FOLD 3, GALAXY Z FLIP 3, Huawei P40 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11X) on which you could test the 5G speed of the enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) 5G service. 

5G Experience Counter

The third counter had Wi-Fi integrated 5G router products with which you could avail the high-speed internet service at home and office. 

It’s stated that this 5G launch was the latest round of technological transformations that TashiCell had been undertaking since the company introduced its 2G-based mobile services on April 06, 2008. The company had invested more than Nu. 7 billion over the years to expand its network coverage and capacity to transform its network technology from 2G to 3G in 2013 and then to 4G in 2016 and now to 5G. 

As the 5G ecosystem matures, Bhutan could expect 5G to support various applications in different industries like agriculture, health, tourism & hospitality, transportation, energy and manufacturing. The company plans to extend the 5G services to the remaining Dzongkhag headquarters in the first quarter of 2022 followed by deployment at Gyalsung sites and satellite towns before the end of 2022. 

In its press release, the company pledges to continue to adopt the emerging communication technologies and introduce affordable devices that will help reduce the cost of connectivity for the people of Bhutan and ultimately contribute towards the achievement of ‘Digital Drukyul’.

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